Shaft in Africa

Out of my turf.
This is Wassa, my brain and Ossiat,
my strong right arm.

They will prepare you.
Mineral water, Mr. Shaft. Quite pure.
Give me some scotch, man.
I know a great deal about you.
But until tonight, it was all hearsay.

-I had to know.
-Know what?

Would you kill a man?
You fired two shots at Ossiat
without hesitation.

Yes, I learned. You would kill a man.
About those shots.
Why is the brother still breathing?

Next time, between the eyes.
My second question:
How good are you with the stick?

Cat named Shaft ain't gonna be bad
with the stick.

From childhood,
the men of my tribes used the stick...

:16:36 herd cattle, ward off hyenas,
and to fight.

If you were awkward with the stick,
it would have taken too long to train you.

Thanks for the offer, but I live
in a restricted neighborhood, no hyenas.

You want to call me a cab?
Third question:
Could you survive under desert conditions?
I liked what you did,
burying yourself in the sand.