Shaft in Africa

Yes, I learned. You would kill a man.
About those shots.
Why is the brother still breathing?

Next time, between the eyes.
My second question:
How good are you with the stick?

Cat named Shaft ain't gonna be bad
with the stick.

From childhood,
the men of my tribes used the stick...

:16:36 herd cattle, ward off hyenas,
and to fight.

If you were awkward with the stick,
it would have taken too long to train you.

Thanks for the offer, but I live
in a restricted neighborhood, no hyenas.

You want to call me a cab?
Third question:
Could you survive under desert conditions?
I liked what you did,
burying yourself in the sand.

We've found our man, Mr. Shaft.
I'll walk.
I make you a most generous offer.
Is that American or Hong Kong?
$15,000 now, $10,000 later.
And what do I have to do?
Become a slave.
Colonel Gondar, John Shaft.
The Colonel is with the Central
Police Authority in Addis Ababa.

He's working with us
and with the Organization of African Unity.

A good deal of time and money has been
invested in selecting you, Mr. Shaft.

And I guess what you did is looked
in the Addis Ababa yellow pages...

...and there I was, John Shaft,
investigator. Right?

It was somewhat more involved than that.