All right. And now, before we meet
our contestants for tomorrow,

let's bring out the lovely
Danielle Breton, our blind girl.

- Bravo, Danielle.
- Thank you.

It's so nice to see you.
Danielle, what do you do in real life?

Right now I study
to be a model with Gene Fox,

and also I study
to be an actress.

That's wonderful, Danielle.

Danielle, let's bring out
our other guest,

Peeping Tom's
own Mr. Chivalry,

Philip Woode.
Hello, Phil. Nice to meet you.
You're a great sport.
Phil, what do you do
in real life?

I'm an advertising manager
for "The Amsterdam Star."

Oh, great.
That's wonderful.

I'm glad to... Oh! Uh-oh.
It's been wonderful
talking with you, Danielle and Phil,

but that music tells us that we just
have time to give away our prizes...

before we have
to say bye-bye.

Danielle, for you, this complete set
of Reynolds stainless steel cutlery.

- Thank you.
- Ha, ha. Congratulations.

And Phil, for you,
good sport that you are,

dining and dancing
for two...

at Manhattan's famous
African Room.

I just remembered
that I haven't eaten all day...

and I thought maybe you want
some help with your dinner for two.

I don't bite, you know.
That is, if I'm filled
I don't bite.

I-I have brought
my own cutlery.

- All right, let's go get my car.
- Okay.