Danielle, for you, this complete set
of Reynolds stainless steel cutlery.

- Thank you.
- Ha, ha. Congratulations.

And Phil, for you,
good sport that you are,

dining and dancing
for two...

at Manhattan's famous
African Room.

I just remembered
that I haven't eaten all day...

and I thought maybe you want
some help with your dinner for two.

I don't bite, you know.
That is, if I'm filled
I don't bite.

I-I have brought
my own cutlery.

- All right, let's go get my car.
- Okay.

... I don't know
what to do, so I just stand there...

and, uh, I feel very stupid
and about, uh...

Then I said
to the photographer...

I said something so terrible you can't
even put it in the French movie.

But he deserved that,
you know.

He's a...
How you say that word?

He's a son of a bastard.
- Son of a bitch.
- Yes, he was that too. Son of a bitch.

But I'm not, you know, I'm not
like you Americans' women's liberation.

I don't, uh, I don't
spend my life to hate the men.

I don't like that, but this man,
he have deserve what I tell him.

So, after that have
happen to me, then, uh,

I said to myself, "Now it's time
for you to go from Quebec."

- Quebec?
- Yes.

- I thought you were French.
- Oh, yes, I'm French-Canadian.