It's not the same,
you know.

Quebec is very pretty,
you know, but now, for me,

New York is the home. Is for me...
is for me, freedom, New York.

Yesterday you know
what I have do?

I go to the top
of the Empire State Building.

You know, the...
that building, the big...

And I am up there by myself,
and nobody know I am there.

I look down, I can see
all the little car and the people,

and I'm all by myself,
and nobody knows that I'm there.

Do you like
to be alone?

Sometime I do,
but not tonight.

Danielle, I think
I should take you home now.

I'm sorry.
This is so embarrassing.

I waited for you at the TV studio.
You saw me.

Why can't you
leave me alone?

Look here, Miss Breton
and I were just having a drink.

Mrs. Emil Breton
and you.

I am not married!
I have been divorced for a year.

- But still he follows me.
- Danielle, that is quite enough.

We do not want to discuss our very
private problems in front of strangers.

- Come along now.
- Don't touch me!

- Waiter?
- I will go, but not with you.

- It is important we go home now.
- Yes, sir?

This gentleman
is bothering us.

You better come
with me, sir.

- Just come with me.
- Danielle. Danielle!

Come home with me!
Get your hands off me!

Come on.
Uh, I better take you home.

- Okay.
- Where do you live?

- Staten Island.
- Staten Island?

I thought you said
you lived in New York.

Isn't Staten Island
in New York?

I guess it is.
Come on.

You know, there are
so few people...

that I have
any feeling for.

Not just men, you know.