Put on some makeup.
It must look as if
nothing has happened.

- Drop it there.
- I'm Grace Collier.

I just spoke to you
on the telephone.

How you doing, Miss Collier?
I'm Detective Kelly.

My partner,
Detective Spinetti.

- What seems to be the problem?
- You're the man...

I spoke to,
aren't you?

- That's right.
- Well, I imagine we can discuss...

I hope there's not
too much imagination involved here.

You obviously don't think so,
or you wouldn't be here.

Now, I just saw a man viciously
and repeatedly stabbed.

It was in that apartment up there... 3-R.
The name is Breton.

The man's probably dying
if he's not dead already,

so I think the best thing to do
is to get up there.

All right, take it
easy, will you, lady?

These people are
always stabbing each other.

- "These people"?
- All right, all right.
Let's just keep calm.

One step at a time.
Your story is that you
looked out the window.

- What time would that have been?
- Your people have this written down.

The thing to do
is to try to get up there...

and try to save
that poor guy.

Miss Collier, our work
is a profession.

- A doctor, for example,
doesn't begin to operate...
- You're not a doctor.

I read your article
about police brutality in Stapleton.