How you doing, Miss Collier?
I'm Detective Kelly.

My partner,
Detective Spinetti.

- What seems to be the problem?
- You're the man...

I spoke to,
aren't you?

- That's right.
- Well, I imagine we can discuss...

I hope there's not
too much imagination involved here.

You obviously don't think so,
or you wouldn't be here.

Now, I just saw a man viciously
and repeatedly stabbed.

It was in that apartment up there... 3-R.
The name is Breton.

The man's probably dying
if he's not dead already,

so I think the best thing to do
is to get up there.

All right, take it
easy, will you, lady?

These people are
always stabbing each other.

- "These people"?
- All right, all right.
Let's just keep calm.

One step at a time.
Your story is that you
looked out the window.

- What time would that have been?
- Your people have this written down.

The thing to do
is to try to get up there...

and try to save
that poor guy.

Miss Collier, our work
is a profession.

- A doctor, for example,
doesn't begin to operate...
- You're not a doctor.

I read your article
about police brutality in Stapleton.

And the next time "The Staten Island"
"Panorama" decides to investigate...

- our methods, I hope
they send a real reporter.
- I'm going up there.

- And you're certainly not a cop.
- And you're not either...

if you don't do
something about this.

Unless, of course, you'd rather
go beat up a few students.

Ever hear of a search warrant,
Miss Civil Liberties?

Well, you haven't got one,
and neither do I.

You mean you're actually gonna stand
here and ask me idiotic questions...

like some dumb courtroom
drama while a man dies?

I saw it.
Saw it happen.

- Actually saw it happen.
- Calm down, calm down.

Now, you just go back
to your apartment and relax.

And watch you walk off?
You'd like that,
wouldn't you?

That'd make a great story
for your next issue.

"Police refuse to investigate
brutal race murder."

Not a chance, lady.
You stick with us.

And keep
your mouth shut.

I'll do what
I consider necessary.