Why do you have things
in pairs, like twins?

- You have a twin.

I have a television commercial
to do some time...

and in case I should get
the makeup on the dress,

then there is another one
for the next take.

You see, uh,
I'm a model.

And some time
an actress too.

- You certainly are.
- That will do, Miss Collier.

I'm sorry to have
troubled you, Miss Breton.

- I'm coming, I'm coming.
- I'm sure you'll
report it to the police.

- Oh, yes.
- By withholding evidence,

you can make yourself
an accessory after the fact.

If I do hear anything,
I'll telephone you.

Oh, excuse me.
- Oh!
- Hello, darling. Am I late?

No. Officer Kelly,
this is my, uh, husband...

my ex-husband, Emil Breton,
and Officer Spinetti.

Now you have done something
naughty and the police have found out.

No, they tell me
that they look for a dead body.


Are you serious?

Well, the lady claims
she saw a murder victim.

- Mind if I ask you a few questions?
- No, not if I can help.

Just what
is your full name?

- Emil Breton.
- How long have you
and Mrs. Breton been divorced?

We are not divorced.
We are separated.

Dominique and Danielle!
She "does" have a twin! Oh!

It was right...
right here.