Now you have done something
naughty and the police have found out.

No, they tell me
that they look for a dead body.


Are you serious?

Well, the lady claims
she saw a murder victim.

- Mind if I ask you a few questions?
- No, not if I can help.

Just what
is your full name?

- Emil Breton.
- How long have you
and Mrs. Breton been divorced?

We are not divorced.
We are separated.

Dominique and Danielle!
She "does" have a twin! Oh!

It was right...
right here.

- Listen...
- Listen. One more word out of
you and I'm going to book you.

I'll book you on something. I'll find
something in the book to book you on.

Attempted libel,
assault on a police officer...

I don't care what it is,
but I'll do it.

I saw a murder,
and I'll prove it.

Listen, Miss Collier, I don't know
what kind of a nut you are,

or what kind of an exposé
you're looking to get,

but just don't bother me
or that girl upstairs, okay?

Far as I'm concerned, this case
is closed, you got that? Closed!

Grace, I thought we were
supposed to meet upstairs.

What are you
doing here?

Grace, it's Tuesday.
Oh, I forgot.
Um, well, let's go.
Honey, don't you think
you ought to change into
something a little bit more...