The Exorcist

This tells your temperature.
When the red light goes on...

...that's your temperature.
I don't want it.
A disorder of the nerves...
:32:42 least we think it is.
We don't know yet exactly how it works.
It's often seen in early adolescence.
She shows all the symptoms.
Her temper.
Performance in math.
Why the math? What is that?
It affects her concentration.
Now this is for Ritalin.
10 milligrams a day.
Is that a tranquilizer?
It's a stimulant.
A stimulant? My God,
she's higher than a kite now.

Her condition isn't quite what it seems.
Nobody knows the cause
of hyperkinetic behavior in a child.

The Ritalin seems to work
to relieve the condition.

And as to how or why,
we really don't know.

But her symptoms could be overreaction
to depression.

That's out of my field.
My daughter isn't depressed.
You mentioned her father
and the separation....

Do you think I should take her
to a psychiatrist?

No. I think we should wait
and see what happens with the Ritalin.

I think that's the answer.
Let's wait two, three weeks.
All right. And the lies she's been telling?
That's part of it?

.Like saying her bed's shaking.

Have you ever known
your daughter to swear?