Blazing Saddles

I want that land so badly,
I can taste it.

There must be a way.
Clumsy fool!
Wait a minute! There might
be a legal precedent.

Of course! Land-snatching!
Land. La-land. "See 'Snatch'."
Haley vs. United States.
Haley, seven. United States, nothing.

You see, it can be done.
It can be done.

Unfortunately, there is one thing that
stands between me and that property.

The rightful owners.
There must be some way of scaring
them off, driving them out.

Getting rid of every human being
alive in that...

It's down the hall and to the left.
I've got it!
What? What?
I know how we can run
everybody out of Rock Ridge.

We'll kill the first-born male
child in every household!

Too Jewish.
We'll work up a Number Six on them!
I'm afraid I'm not familiar
with that one.

That's where we go
riding into town...

...and a-whapping and a-whooping
every living thing...

...that moves within an inch
of its life!

Except the women folks, of course.
You spare the women?
No, we rape the shit out of them
at the Number Six dance later on!

That's marvelous! That's so creative!
Why, Taggart, you've been hurt!
That uppity nigger hit me
on the head with a shovel.

I'd sure appreciate it, sir, if
you could find it in your heart...

:11:40 hang him up by his
neck until he was dead.

Got him locked up downstairs.
Consider it done, stout fellow.
I've got a special.
When can you work him in?

I couldn't possibly fit him in
until Monday, sir. I'm booked solid.