Enough's enough, Curly. You can't eat
the Venetian blinds, I just got them.

Down the hatch.
- She's no good.
- What can I tell you?

When you're right, you're right.
And you're right.

I'll pay you the rest next week.
We only caught 60 tons of skipjack.

They pay less for skipjack
than albacore tuna.

I only brought it up to illustrate a point.
I don't want your last dime.

- Thank you, Mr Gittes.
- Call me Jake. Careful driving home.

Mrs Mulwray is waiting for you,
with Mr Walsh and Mr Duffy.

Mrs Mulwray, may I present Mr Gittes.
- Mrs Mulwray, how do you?
- Mr Gittes.

What seems to be the problem?
My husband... I believe
is seeing another woman.

No... really?
I am sorry.

Mr Gittes, do you think
we could discuss this alone?