Promise you'll do what I ask.
It'll be fine.

Well, if that tickles your fancy.
-There he is.

Mario, the man I've found for you.
But that's an old geezer!
-Knowledge is always on the ball.

Forgive me for bailing out
of all this disgusting talk.

Is fucking your only topic? I'll go
back to my sorry life. Good night!!

She is angry.
May I present Emmanuelle.
Marie-Ange, good evening.
Gosh, what a looker your friend is.

I'll lend her to you, if you want.
-And if I want.

You have a great body.
You could say:
"Your dress becomes you."

I am not naked, you know.
The important thing is not that you
be naked, but that I see you naked.

Won't you smile for me?
Let's make up over a drink.
-Were we at ends, then?

Marie-Ange has told me
a lot about you.

Whatever might she have revealed?
She talked about your games
and common Lolita games.

She says you must become an adult.
Or do you prefer no to change?

No, not really.
-So, change.

Would you supper with me
one of these evenings?

You are not giving me any answer.
-Maybe... We'll see. Excuse me.

How did you like Mario?
Great, isn't he?

Not all that irresistible.
All cliche.

He loves listening to himself.
Why don't you present me to Bee?
-No way.