Are you going far?
-Two days travelling:

One day by jeep,
one day by horse.

I was delighted to see you.
I'm sorry I won't see you any more.

When will I see you again?
-Who knows?

I haven't even asked your name.

So, good bye, Emmanuelle.
I almost forgot.
-Please keep it.

No, thank you.
-Please do. It's my favourite.

Oh, really! No! No way!
Good bye, Emmanuelle, I like you.
You're a gorgeous doll.
We'll play some other time.

Whatever are you doing?
Whatever I like.
I am free, am I not?

If you say so.
This time she didn't come home.
-You must be happy.

You wanted your wife to be free:
"She's not my object,
not my beauty". So, here you go!

What you really wanted
was not for your wife to be free.

You wanted to use her as you
please, just like these girls.

Who is that? Let him in.
Do you speak French?
-Yes, sir.