Hearts and Minds

"If you don't tell us
what we want to know,

we're gonna throw you
out of the helicopter.''

And, uh, he couldn't respond.
He didn't understand.

They were using, uh, pigeon Vietnamese,
which he didn't understand.

It was more English
than Vietnamese.

They'd run him up to the helicopter--
two hefty E.M. were along--

they'd take him by each elbow and run
him up to the door of the helicopter.

They'd do this three or four times.
He was reduced to whimpering and crying.

And they finally, um,
uh, told him that this was the last run.

He still responded the same way, and
they winged him out of the helicopter.

The second fellow
immediately started to babble.

Anything he could tell them.
Any kind of information
he could give them for one goal.

And that was to reach the ground
alive again.

I just can't see in my mind somebody
throwing somebody out of a helicopter.

I don't believe this kind of stuff
happened. Maybe it did. I don't know.

I never saw it, put it that way.
I've seen G.I.'s get mad and, uh, uh,
rather than shoot one of these dinks,

uh,just punch him right out, yeah,
with his hands.

[Speaking Vietnamese]
[Translator] Americans say
Vietnamese are just slant-eyed savages.

The Vietnamese have
5,000 years of history.

We fight against the invaders.
It is not we who are the savages.

I don't know where they are.
That's the worst thing.

Right around and run into the sewers
and the gutters, anywhere.

They can be anywhere.Just hopin'
you can stay alive from day to day.

I just want to go back home
and go to school. That's about it.

-[Man] Have you lost any friends?
- Quite a few.

We lost one the other day.
The whole thing stinks.

[Yelling, Indistinct]
The dude in the foxhole with me,
he was dead.