Hearts and Minds

uh,just punch him right out, yeah,
with his hands.

[Speaking Vietnamese]
[Translator] Americans say
Vietnamese are just slant-eyed savages.

The Vietnamese have
5,000 years of history.

We fight against the invaders.
It is not we who are the savages.

I don't know where they are.
That's the worst thing.

Right around and run into the sewers
and the gutters, anywhere.

They can be anywhere.Just hopin'
you can stay alive from day to day.

I just want to go back home
and go to school. That's about it.

-[Man] Have you lost any friends?
- Quite a few.

We lost one the other day.
The whole thing stinks.

[Yelling, Indistinct]
The dude in the foxhole with me,
he was dead.

And, like, here come the jets.
Everybody's, "Yay,jets! Do it to 'em.

Get these motherfuckers off our ass.''
You know.

'Cause they were diggin'
in our behind real good.

And, like, the jet came in
and "Yay,jet, get 'em.''

And you see 'em swoopin' all around.
"Yay,jet, get 'em.''

And he came over that way
and let it go, and you say, "Uh-oh.''

And you could see it's napalm cannister,
because you can tell 'em.

They spin asshole over head, backwards
as they're tumbling through the air.

And the thing is just tumbling down.
You know it's coming right at you.

You know. And, like, wow.
The napalm hit, I grabbed this dude,

just put him up over my head
in the hole like that.

Fuckin' napalm went down the whole line.
Just creamed everybody in the line.

Thirty-five dudes, man,just burnt.
Post-toasty to the bitter, you dig?

And that napalm was just drippin' on
both sides of this dude.

He's dead, you know. I'm just
holdin' him up, using him as a shield.

I just chunked this dude off of me
and just sprung out of the hole.

I didn't know which way I was going
outside of back, you dig?

And just ran through.
Burned my pants off.

Spent the rest of the battle running
with no drawers. My stuff hanging out.