The Godfather: Part II

Hello. How are you? Thank you.
Where's Michael? I've got to talk to him
and I can't wait on line.

You go see your children first.
Then you worry about waiting on line to
see your brother. Like everybody else.

Ladies and gentlemen...
A most distinguished guest
would like to say a few words.

Please welcome Senator Pat Geary
of the State of Nevada.

And there is Mrs. Geary.
Thank you very much.
This is a very, very happy day
for me and my wife Mrs. Geary.

We see Nevada far too seldom.
But today we can join with old friends,
we can make new friends,

and we help celebrate
a young man's first Communion.

And also to thank that boy's family for
a magnificent contribution to the State.

I have here in my hand a cheque
made out to the university,

and it is a magnificent endowment
in the name of...

...Anthony Vito Corleone.
The cheque is signed by
that young man's parents,

whom I think we should recognise.
Mike, Pat, Kay - stand up, please.
Let the folks see you!

Folks, I want you to join me
in giving a real Nevada thank you
to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Corleone!

We also have, as a special added
attraction, the Sierra Boys Choir,