The Godfather: Part II

and we help celebrate
a young man's first Communion.

And also to thank that boy's family for
a magnificent contribution to the State.

I have here in my hand a cheque
made out to the university,

and it is a magnificent endowment
in the name of...

...Anthony Vito Corleone.
The cheque is signed by
that young man's parents,

whom I think we should recognise.
Mike, Pat, Kay - stand up, please.
Let the folks see you!

Folks, I want you to join me
in giving a real Nevada thank you
to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Corleone!

We also have, as a special added
attraction, the Sierra Boys Choir,

who have chosen a certain special song
and a special arrangement

to honour their host,
Mr. Michael Corleone.

The plaque.
Okay, fellows, did you get that one?
Okay, that's good.
Now, Senator,
just you and Mrs. Corleone.