The Godfather: Part II

who have chosen a certain special song
and a special arrangement

to honour their host,
Mr. Michael Corleone.

The plaque.
Okay, fellows, did you get that one?
Okay, that's good.
Now, Senator,
just you and Mrs. Corleone.

My lawyer Tom Hagen. Senator Geary.
He arranged everything
through your man Turnbull.

- Yes, yes.
- Sit down.

I thought that you and I
would talk alone.

I trust these men with my life, Senator.
To ask them to leave would be an insult.

Well, it's perfectly all right with me,
but I am a blunt man and I intend
to speak very frankly to you.

Maybe more frankly than anyone in my
position has ever talked to you before.

The Corleone family
has done well in Nevada.

You own, or control,
two major hotels in Vegas,

and one in Reno.
The licences were grandfathered in,

so there was no problem
with the Gaming Commission.