The Godfather: Part II

Jesus God!
Oh God!
I don't know, and I don't understand
why I can't remember.

Doesn't matter, just do as I say.
Put in a call to your office.
Explain that you'll be there tomorrow.

You decided to spend the night at
Michael Corleone's house in Tahoe.

- As his guest.
- I do remember that she was laughing.

We'd done it before, and I know
that I could not have hurt that girl.

This girl has no family.
Nobody knows that she worked here.

It'll be as though she never existed.
All that's left is our friendship.
- Yes?
- Sorry, but we're not to let you through.

- I'm just going to the market.
- We'll pick up anything you want.

- Whose orders are these?
- Mr. Hagen's. He's coming.

I'll speak to him.
I wanted to explain,
but I had business in Carson City.

It's Michael's request for your safety.
We'll get anything you need.

- So I'm supposed to stay in my house?
- No, within the compound will be fine.

- We were going to New England.
- That's off.

- Am I a prisoner?
- That's not how we see it, Kay.

Come on, kids.
We're going back to the house.