The Godfather: Part II

:14:10 staff indicates, with assurance,
that we'll drive them out of Santa Clara

before the New Year.
I want to put you all at ease.
We will tolerate no guerrillas
in the casinos or the swimming pools.

He said that they're making an arrest,
and in a few minutes he'll let us through.

It's nothing.
Just some lousy bandits.
The police are cleaning them up.

Viva Fidel!
I hope my age is correct.
I'm always accurate about my age.

Make sure that everybody
sees the cake before we cut it.

I'm very pleased...
:15:32're all able to come from
such distances to be with me today.

When a man comes to this point
in his life...

...he wants to turn over
the things he's been blessed with.

Turn them over to friends,
as a reward for the friends he's had...

...and to make sure that everything
goes well after he's gone.

- Not for years.
- Hear, hear!