The Godfather: Part II

I hope my age is correct.
I'm always accurate about my age.

Make sure that everybody
sees the cake before we cut it.

I'm very pleased...
:15:32're all able to come from
such distances to be with me today.

When a man comes to this point
in his life...

...he wants to turn over
the things he's been blessed with.

Turn them over to friends,
as a reward for the friends he's had...

...and to make sure that everything
goes well after he's gone.

- Not for years.
- Hear, hear!

We'll see. The doctors would disagree,
but what do they know?

These are wonderful things
that we've achieved in Havana,

and there's no limit
to where we can go from here.

This kind of government knows how to
help business, to encourage it.

The hotels here are bigger and swankier
than any of the joints in Vegas.

We can thank our friends
in the Cuban government,

which has put up half the cash with the
Teamsters, on a dollar for dollar basis,

and has relaxed restrictions on imports.
What I'm saying is that we have now
what we have always needed:

Real partnership with a government.
Smaller piece.
You all know Michael Corleone
and we all remember his father.

At the time of my retirement, or death,
I turn over all my interests
in the Havana operation to his control.