The Godfather: Part II

- Who?
- Roth.

It was Roth who tried to kill me
in my home.

It was Roth all along.
He acts like I'm his son, his successor.
But he thinks he'll live forever
and wants me out.

- How can I help?
- Just go along, as if you know nothing.

- I've already made my move.
- What move?

Hyman Roth won't see the New Year.
You're to take it easy,
he'll be back tomorrow.

Fly in my own doctor from Miami. I don't
trust a doctor who can't speak English.

- Gracias, senor,
- Buenas noches,

- Honey, go to the casino.
- If you're feeling better.

Feel fine.
- Play the bingo game.
- Okay. Nice to see you, Mr. Paul.

My sixth sense tells me Fredo brought
a bag full of money. Where is it?

- You're pulling out?
- Just want to... Just want to wait.