The Godfather: Part II

You're to take it easy,
he'll be back tomorrow.

Fly in my own doctor from Miami. I don't
trust a doctor who can't speak English.

- Gracias, senor,
- Buenas noches,

- Honey, go to the casino.
- If you're feeling better.

Feel fine.
- Play the bingo game.
- Okay. Nice to see you, Mr. Paul.

My sixth sense tells me Fredo brought
a bag full of money. Where is it?

- You're pulling out?
- Just want to... Just want to wait.

- How do you feel?
- Terrible.

I'd give four million to be able to take
a painless piss.

- Who had Frank Pentangeli killed?
- The Rosato brothers.

I know, but who gave the go-ahead?
I know I didn't.
There was this kid I grew up with.
He was younger than me.

Sort of looked up to me, you know.
We did our first work together.

Worked our way out of the street.
Things were good.

During Prohibition
we ran molasses into Canada.

Made a fortune. Your father too.
As much as anyone,
I loved him and trusted him.