The Godfather: Part II

- How do you feel?
- Terrible.

I'd give four million to be able to take
a painless piss.

- Who had Frank Pentangeli killed?
- The Rosato brothers.

I know, but who gave the go-ahead?
I know I didn't.
There was this kid I grew up with.
He was younger than me.

Sort of looked up to me, you know.
We did our first work together.

Worked our way out of the street.
Things were good.

During Prohibition
we ran molasses into Canada.

Made a fortune. Your father too.
As much as anyone,
I loved him and trusted him.

Later on he had an idea to build a city
out of a desert stop-over
for G.I.s going to the West Coast.

That kid's name was Moe Greene
and the city he invented was Las Vegas.
This was a great man.
A man of vision and guts.
And there isn't even a plaque, signpost
or statue of him in that town.

Someone put a bullet through his eye.
No one knows who gave the order.
When I heard it, I wasn't angry.
I knew Moe, I knew he was headstrong.
Talking loud, saying stupid things.

So when he turned up dead, I let it go.