The Godfather: Part II

Because from the time of Christopher
Columbus to the time of Enrico Fermi,

right up to the present day,
Italian-Americans have been pioneers
in building and defending our nation.

They are the salt of the earth, and
one of the backbones of this country.

I'm sure we all agree
with our esteemed colleague.

Mr. Corleone, you have been advised
as to your legal rights.

We have testimony from
a previous witness, one Willi Cicci.

He stated that you are head of the most
powerful Mafia family in the country.

- Are you?
- No, I'm not.

He testified that you are personally

for the murder of a New York
police captain in 1947,

and with him a man
named Virgil Sollozzo.

- Do you deny this?
- Yes, I do.

Is it true that in the year 1950
you devised the murder of the heads
of the "Five Families" in New York,

to assume and consolidate
your nefarious power?

- It's a complete falsehood.
- Mr. Questadt.

Is it true you have a controlling interest
in three major hotels in Las Vegas?

No, it's not true. I own some stock in
some of the hotels there, but very little.

I also have stock in IBM and IT&T.
Do you have any control over gambling
and narcotics in New York State?

No, I do not.
Senator, my client would like to
read a statement.

Mr. Chairman, I think this statement
is totally out of order at this time.

Sir, my client has answered this
committee's questions with sincerity.

He hasn't taken the Fifth Amendment,
so this statement should be heard!