The Godfather: Part II

Is it true that in the year 1950
you devised the murder of the heads
of the "Five Families" in New York,

to assume and consolidate
your nefarious power?

- It's a complete falsehood.
- Mr. Questadt.

Is it true you have a controlling interest
in three major hotels in Las Vegas?

No, it's not true. I own some stock in
some of the hotels there, but very little.

I also have stock in IBM and IT&T.
Do you have any control over gambling
and narcotics in New York State?

No, I do not.
Senator, my client would like to
read a statement.

Mr. Chairman, I think this statement
is totally out of order at this time.

Sir, my client has answered this
committee's questions with sincerity.

He hasn't taken the Fifth Amendment,
so this statement should be heard!

No, I'll allow Mr. Corleone to read
his statement. I'll put it in the record.

In the hopes of clearing
my family name,

to give my children their share
of the American way of life

without a blemish on their name
and background,

I have appeared before this committee
and given it all my cooperation.

I consider it a great personal dishonour
to have to deny that I am a criminal.

I wish to have the following noted
for the record:

That I served my country faithfully
in World War Two

and was awarded the Navy Cross
for actions in defence of my country.

That I have never been arrested
or indicted for any crime.

That no proof linking me to any
criminal conspiracy,

whether it is called Mafia
or Cosa Nostra or any other name,