The Godfather: Part II

Do you deny this confession, and do
you realise what will happen if you do?

The FBI guys promised me a deal,
so I made up a lot of stuff about
Michael Corleone, just to please them.

But it was all lies. Everything!
They kept saying,
"Michael Corleone did this"
and "Michael Corleone did that".

So I said, "Yeah, sure. Why not?"
Mr. Corleone, would you kindly identify
the gentleman sitting to your left?

I can answer that.
His name is Vincenzo Pentangeli.
- Is he related to the witness?
- He is, I believe, his brother.

- Will he come forward and be sworn?
- He doesn't understand English.

He came at his own expense
to aid his brother.

He's not under subpoena
and has an impeccable reputation.

- He knows nothing about this?
- To my knowledge, nothing.

I'm going to find out what happened!
This committee is now adjourned.

- The witness is excused.
- Senator!

Senator! This committee
owes an apology!

This committee owes an apology.
Apology, Senator!

- Michael, excuse me.
- Hello, darling.

The children are outside. We're going.