The Godfather: Part II

- He knows nothing about this?
- To my knowledge, nothing.

I'm going to find out what happened!
This committee is now adjourned.

- The witness is excused.
- Senator!

Senator! This committee
owes an apology!

This committee owes an apology.
Apology, Senator!

- Michael, excuse me.
- Hello, darling.

The children are outside. We're going.
What do you mean?
We're leaving tomorrow.

I'll be in my room, Mike.
Michael, I'm not going back to Nevada.
I brought the children
to say goodbye to you.

I'm very happy for you.
I always knew you were too smart
to let any of them beat you.

- Why don't you sit down?
- No, I'm not going to stay long.

There are some things
I'd like to talk to you about.

Things that have been on my mind,
changes I want to make.

I think it's too late for changes, Michael.
- I wasn't going to say anything...
- What do you mean, "too late"?

What really happened with Pentangeli?