Toute une vie

For now, here is a newsbreak
of a different kind:

An unusual escape
from the Santé Prison.

The inmate took advantage
of trash collection,

got in the back of the garbage truck
and left the prison with ease,

unarmed, unassisted
and without any rope. Well done!

And now we would like
to return to Marilyn.

Let's listen to one of her records,
which I am sure
will move our audience.

Here is the voice
of Marilyn.

She tried to kill
herself over you!

So I spoiled her.
Thanks a lot, Mr. Bécaud, that's nice!

- She didn't really want to die.
- What do you mean she didn't?

She wanted to show you
that she is her own person.

it's attempted suicide at 16,

narcotics at 20
and marriage at 25.

- Then you can relax.
- Sure, then I can relax!

Did you commit suicide at 20?
Did I take drugs when I was 16?
- We weren't normal.
- Ah, we weren't normal!

- In there?
- That's it.

If you want
to distract her,

take her on a nice trip.
You'll see the trip
I'll take her on!

- Don't get upset.
- Who's upset?

You shouldn't take men
so seriously, you know.

You have to laugh,
you must laugh!