Toute une vie

Life has to be lived,
not destroyed!

You thought you could be
a smart ass?

Do me a favor.
Stop thinking
about this guy.

Look how beautiful
this town is.

You know that beauty is meant
to be shared with someone.

I suppose I'm nobody?
Visiting a museum alone
is such bullshit!

Who taught you
such language?

- And you're not alone!
- You're always with your memories.

Look at how beautiful it is.
When did you come here
with Mom?

In 1946.
We were expecting you.

- Which thigh?
- A wing!

One and one
makes two wings.

Here, now if you can't
fly away with that...

In restaurants,
they always serve the right thigh.

Chickens sleep on their left leg.
It's tougher, harder.

The right one
is more tender.

I never thought of that.
- Right or left?
- Right!

This is where
the elite meet to eat.

It's fit for a king, boys.
Bon appetit!

So, in a restaurant,
I always ask for the right thigh?

They look terrified.
You cannot judge them.
You belong to a wasteful society.
Theirs is one of sacrifices.

I'm beginning to think
you're a communist.

How could I approve
of dictatorship?

It's what killed your mother.
And yet, dictatorship
would be the ideal

if dictators really were
the most intelligent people.

Instead, the most intelligent
people are all against it.

Eat your caviar,
it's not expensive here.

I don't like caviar.
Go ahead, sir.
Do you speak French?