Toute une vie

one man ruling
700 million people.

This damn tour
bugs me enough,

but having to listen
to your reactionary ideas...

Why reactionary?

700 million Chinese,
all Maoists!

- Isn't it a dictatorship?
- Reactionary and fascist!

You're a dirty Jew!
Come on, tell me
why you're here.

For bottling cheap Beaujolais
as vintage Bordeaux.

- Get it?
- In mass quantity? !

I remember it very well.
One night you told
some friends,

"I'm sure the Chinese
are happy."

No! What I said was,
"Mao's triumph
is that he's convinced

700 millions Chinese
that they're happy."

You missed the nuance.
But I am sure that one man
in China is happy. Mao!

The man I love isn't Chinese.
I know, he's a singer.
Mass at 8:00.
- Do you believe in God?
- Yes.

Then why are you in jail?
Because God
doesn't believe in me.

But you still believe in Him?
Faith is an advance
drawn on happiness.

Do you deserve
your 10-year sentence?

I'd say I got off cheap.
Eat! Eat!
What is an American?
He's a Jew
chased out of Russia,

an Irish Protestant
who escaped from the Catholics,

a Sicilian gangster
who escaped from the cops,

a German filmmaker
who escaped from the Nazis.

There is nothing better
than a country full of outcasts,

of persecuted refugees
and hunted men.

They are the ones
who invented capitalism.

To carve a country
out of a wilderness,

they had to invent
a system for adventurers.

The trouble is that today,
they are only

the sons and grandsons
of the original gangsters.