A Boy and His Dog

Dog: you're not a nice person at all.
Dog: Do I gawk at you when you're working?
Dog: I'll locate a female if there is one.
Dog: You go look for food.
[yelling in distance]woohoo, yeah, sonofabitch
why don't you shove it
hey, what's going on?
Dog: I detect no living female person in my range, sir.
Dog: I have sniffed and I have cast
Dog: And I have a negative reading.
Dog: However I'd be happy to tell you a
suggestive story if that would help [sarcastic laugh]
Pass, fuzzy-butt.
Dog: A cautious young man named Lodge
Dog: Had seat belts installed in his dodge.
Dog: When his date was strapped in
Dog: He committed a sin, without leaving the garage.
Dog: That's clever, isn't it?
Let's see, from March 1953 to June...
Dog: Now Albert, you have all the cranial capacity of a canary.
Dog: Now, I'm going to recount these