Barry Lyndon

Redmond, what is the matter?
Were you obliged to dance
five times with Captain Quin?

I don't care a fig for Captain Quin.
He dances prettily,
and is a pleasant rattle of a man.

He looks well in his regimentals.
He asked me to dance.
How could I refuse him?

But you refused me.
I can dance with you any day.
To dance with my cousin looks as though
I could find no other partner.

Besides, Captain Quin is a man.
You're only a boy and penniless.
If I meet him again,
you will find out who is the best man.

I'll fight him Captain as he is.
Oh, don't be so silly!
I mean it.
But Captain Quin is known
as a valiant soldier.

It is mighty well of you
to fight yokels...

...but to fight an Englishman
is a different matter.

You best have him take you home.
Barry resolved never to see Nora again.
But such resolutions,
steadfastly held for a whole week...

...are abandoned
in a few moments of despair.