Barry Lyndon

If I meet him again,
you will find out who is the best man.

I'll fight him Captain as he is.
Oh, don't be so silly!
I mean it.
But Captain Quin is known
as a valiant soldier.

It is mighty well of you
to fight yokels...

...but to fight an Englishman
is a different matter.

You best have him take you home.
Barry resolved never to see Nora again.
But such resolutions,
steadfastly held for a whole week...

...are abandoned
in a few moments of despair.

No, Nora, no, except for you
and four others...

...I vow before all the gods my heart...
...has never felt the soft flame.
Ah, you men, you men, John...
...your passion's not equal to ours.
We are like some plant I've read of.
We bear but one flower and then we die.
You, you, you mean you...
...never felt an inclination for another?
Never, my John.
How can you ask such a question?

Oh, darling Norelia!
Nora was chaperoned by her brothers
Mick and Ulick...

...whose interests would be affected...
:11:53 the favourable outcome
of her affair with Quin.