Barry Lyndon

No, Nora, no, except for you
and four others...

...I vow before all the gods my heart...
...has never felt the soft flame.
Ah, you men, you men, John...
...your passion's not equal to ours.
We are like some plant I've read of.
We bear but one flower and then we die.
You, you, you mean you...
...never felt an inclination for another?
Never, my John.
How can you ask such a question?

Oh, darling Norelia!
Nora was chaperoned by her brothers
Mick and Ulick...

...whose interests would be affected...
:11:53 the favourable outcome
of her affair with Quin.

Redmond, how nice to see you.
How could you do this to me?
Redmond, what's the matter?
What are you saying?
I think this might be the moment
to return something to you.

Thank you, Redmond.
I must have forgotten it.
Yes, you did.
Captain Quin, may I introduce
my cousin, Redmond Barry.

Miss Brady, it would appear...
:12:50 both have something
private to discuss.

It would be best for me to withdraw.
Captain Quin, I have nothing private
to discuss with my cousin.

Miss Brady, it appears you have
a great deal to discuss.