Grey Gardens

- I doubt that.
- It's gonna be one of those things.

Like Tom Logan.
Aren't you gonna feed Whiskers; Edie ?
Come on; go in and feed Whiskers.
Now, don't eat it.
Give it to Whiskers, please.

- You're thin. You want to get thin.
- She's very mean to me.

No. I have to be very strict.
The priest said she needed
a very strict hand.

[ Laughs ]
What the priest told me.

[ Imitating Irish Accent ]
''She sure needs a very strong
hand, your daughter.''

And I tried to give it to her,
you know that ?

After Mr. Beale, you know,
stopped living in East Hampton,

I had a terrible
hard time with Edie.

She just went wild after
her father wasn't living here.

She went wild, absolutely wild.
I couldn't do anything
with her at all.

Isn't it awful
when a dancer gets fat ?

Isn't it awful ? God.
It's awful, I'm telling you.
It's awful ! God !

My father believed in running
the children's lives, you know ?

He wanted me to get my master's degree,
be a junior partner in his law firm.

- Take the ice cream.
- He was 1 65 Broadway;

on the ninth floor,
and my knees would start to shake...

coming down on the ninth floor
of Mr. Beale's offiice.

My knees were rattling.
My mouth was dry.

You were scared of your father.
And I'd go in, and he'd
come forward out of his office
with his watch in his hand,

and then he'd look at the clock
on the wall, and he'd say,

''You're five minutes late,''
he'd say. Oh, my God.

- No; he had a very--
- And then he'd sit down
and look at me like this...

and say, ''Take it off.
Take that hat off.

''Take that lipstick off.
Take that nail polish off.

- How dare you wear those high heels !''
- Oh; she's just acting.