- It's not the prettiest thing I've ever seen.
- Hello.

- Yes.
- Can I go swimmir?

Let me clean this thing off first.
What do they usually do?
Wash up or float up? Or what?

Keep 'em there. I'll be out in about...
...15, 20 minutes. All right?
- Dry you off. Go on, get a Band-Aid.

Got to go. Missing person.
Season hasn't started.
Nobody's even here yet.

Listen, Chief...
...be careful, will ya?
- In this town?

Hi, Dad.
Wait a minute. Let me get on.
- I want my cup back!
- Y ou'll get it.

Wave goodbye. Bye.
Nobody saw her go into the water?
Somebody could've.
I was sort of passed out.

- Y ou mean, she ran out on you?
- No, sir.

She must've drowned.
Look, I reported it to you, didn't I?
- Y ou live here?
- No. Hartford.

I go to Trinity. My folks live in Greenwich.
- Y our folks were born here, right?
- I'm an Islander.

They moved off when my dad retired.
- Y ou an Islander?
- No. New y ork City.

Y ou here for the summer?
Come on.