Nobody saw her go into the water?
Somebody could've.
I was sort of passed out.

- Y ou mean, she ran out on you?
- No, sir.

She must've drowned.
Look, I reported it to you, didn't I?
- Y ou live here?
- No. Hartford.

I go to Trinity. My folks live in Greenwich.
- Y our folks were born here, right?
- I'm an Islander.

They moved off when my dad retired.
- Y ou an Islander?
- No. New y ork City.

Y ou here for the summer?
Come on.
Hold it.
Oh, Jesus.
Y ou're up awful early.
Is the Chief in there?

- Chief, what have you got on?
- Lf this new filing system is to work...

...you must keep that old stuff
off my desk. Just the pending.

Yes, Chief. We got a bunch
of calls about the karate school.

It seems that the 9-year-olds
from the school have been...

...karate-ing the picket fences.