- Glasses?
- Yeah, glasses.

I'll call you later in the afternoon.
I promise.

This stuff ain't gonna help me in August.
The summer ginks come
down here in June.

Y ou haven't got one thing
on here I ordered.

Not a beach umbrella,
not a sun lounger, no beach balls.

If I can't get service...
Polly sent me to tell you
that there's a bunch...

...of Boy Scouts in Avril Bay,
doir the mile swim for their Merit Badges.

I couldn't call them in,
there's no phones out there.

Come on, get out of there.
Take this stuff back to the office
and work on those signs.

"Beaches Closed. No Swimming.
By order of the Amity P.D."

Let Polly do the printing.
- What's the matter with my printing?
- Let Polly do the printing.

Chief Brody!
What have you got there?
We had a shark attack at South Beach
this morning, Mayor.

Fatal. I have to batten down the beach.
Albert, come on, you kook.
Keep your arms up.

Charlie, take me out to those kids, will ya?
Y ou're gonna shut down
the beaches on your own authority?

- What other authority do I need?
- Y ou need a civic ordinance...

...or a resolution by the board.
- That's going by the book.

We're really a little anxious that you're
rushing into something serious here.

This is your first summer, you know.
What does that mean?
I'm only trying to say
that Amity is a summer town.