Fatal. I have to batten down the beach.
Albert, come on, you kook.
Keep your arms up.

Charlie, take me out to those kids, will ya?
Y ou're gonna shut down
the beaches on your own authority?

- What other authority do I need?
- Y ou need a civic ordinance...

...or a resolution by the board.
- That's going by the book.

We're really a little anxious that you're
rushing into something serious here.

This is your first summer, you know.
What does that mean?
I'm only trying to say
that Amity is a summer town.

We need summer dollars.
If they can't swim here, they'll be glad
to swim at the beaches of Cape Cod...

...the Hamptons, Long Island.
That doesn't mean we serve
them a smorgasbord.

But we've never had
that kind of trouble in these waters.

What else could've done that?
A boat propeller?

I think possibly yes, a boating accident.
That's not what you told me
over the phone.

I was wrong.
We'll have to amend our reports.

- And you'll stand by that?
- I'll stand by that.

A summer girl goes swimming,
swims out a little far.

- She tires, fishing boat comes along...
- It's happened before.

I don't think you appreciate
the reaction people have to these things.

I appreciate it.
I'm just reacting to what I was told.

It's all psychological.
Y ou yell "Barracuda!"
And everybody says, "What?"

Y ou yell, "Shark!"...
...we've got a panic on our hands
on the Fourth of July.

Okay. Y ou can take us back now.