- Just like I thought.
- What?

Came up from the Gulf Stream
from southern waters.

He didn't eat a car, did he?
Tiger shark's like a garbage can.
It'll eat anything.

Somebody probably threw that in the river.
That's it.
I've got to close the beach, call the Mayor.
Y ou got a bigger problem than that.
Y ou still got a hell of a fish out there...
...with a mouth about this big.
How do we confirm that by morning?
If he is a rogue, and there's any truth
to territoriality at all...

...we could spot him
between Cape Scott and South Beach.

- Where're you going?
- To find him. He's a night feeder.

- On the water!
- We're not gonna find him on the land.

I'm not drunk enough to go on a boat.
- Yes, you are.
- No, I'm not!

- I can't do that.
- Yes, you can.

I'm tellir you,
the crime rate in New y ork'll kill ya.

There's so many problems, you never feel
like you're accomplishing anything.

Violence, rip-offs, muggings.
The kids can't leave the house.
Y ou've got to walk them to school.

But in Amity,
one man can make a difference.

In 25 years, there's never been a shooting
or a murder in this town.

No kidding? Want a pretzel?