Don't you worry about it, Chief.
It won't be permanent.
Y ou want to see something permanent?
Y ou want to feel somethir permanent?
Just put your hand underneath my cap.
Y ou feel that little lump?

Knocko Nolans, St. Paddy's Day, Boston.
I got that beat.
It's a moray eel.
It bit right through my wet suit.
I don't know about that,
but I entered an arm wrestlir contest...

...in an Oakie bar in San Francisco.
See this?

I can't extend that. Y ou know why?
'Cause in the semi-final...
...celebrating my third wife's demise...
...big Chinese fella, he pulled me right over.
Look at that.
That's a bull shark.
He scraped me when I was takir samples.
I got something for you.
There's a thresher.
Y ou see that? A thresher's tail.

- Thresher?
- It's a shark.

- Y ou want a drink? Drink to your leg?
- I'll drink to your leg.

So we drink to our legs.