Switchblade Sisters

We miss ya, Lace.
I'll, uh, send Patch
along in a minute.

I gotta give her a list
of stuff I need.

See ya.
Bye, Lace.
She misses me.
That bitch!
That bitch!

Cool it, Lace.
What's the matter with you?

He was supposed
to get her, not--

What do you mean?
He promised me he wouldn't
hurt Dom, only her!

Who promised what?
Lace, what did you do?

You tipped off Crabs
about the roller rink.

What could I do?
He was treating me
like a little gutter cat.

It was all because of her.
Just like you said!

Every time
I touched him,

I'd smell her
stinking perfume!

Stop it now!
You just stop it!

You gonna let her
take it all from you?

Or are you gonna act
like the Lace I know?

Just pull yourself
together, girl,

and start thinkin' how you gonna
pay that bitch back.

And you f orget you ever saw Crabs,
you understand?

[ Car Approaching ]
Hey, cupcake, I wanna
talk to you f or a minute.

Look it, I don't know nothin',
I didn't do nothin'.

You think those hoods are gonna stick up
f or a fat squirt like you? Wise up.

Maybe she'd remember
on her way downtown.

You heard her.
She don't know nothin'.

So, unless you, uh,
got probable cause,

keep your hands off
my friend, huh?

A couple of gangs beat up
some innocent people...

at the roller rink
the other night.