At his press conference today,
President Roosevelt was asked:

""Can you tell us, where did
those planes start from and go to?""

He replied:
""Yes, the time has come to tell you.

They came from our new
secret base at Shangri-la...""

Well, my God, it's Captain Garth!
I was expecting some junior officer.
This is an unexpected honor!

Yeah, like hell it is, Joe!
Admiral Nimitz sent me over to...
- To chew my ass off, huh?.

Officially, I'm supposed to question
your estimate of Japanese intentions.

Why so grim, Matt?. Doolittle's attack
should've thrilled you CinCPAC people.

Not by a long shot.
That damn raid could boomerang on us.

We only got 4 carriers
in the Pacific. We need to rebuild.

Now the boss is afraid Yamamoto's
going to jump back at us. But where?.

We got the latest intercepts here.
Here's a list of Japanese ships
we suspect will be assigned
to amphib operations south of Rabaul.

The Coral Sea! That's where
we think they'll strike next.

But something else is stirring,
something out our way.

We need facts, not guesswork.
Matt, we cracked Yamamoto's code,
but we can't just reel it off.

We get a flicker here
and a glimmer there.

How much can you decipher?.
- Hell, 15, maybe...

Really decipher.
- Ten percent.

10 per... That's one word in 10.
For Christ's sake, you're guessing!

We like to call it ""analysis"".
Alright. What are these indications
that something's brewing out our way?.

There's no hard clues yet.
- What do you have, Joe?.