Here's a list of Japanese ships
we suspect will be assigned
to amphib operations south of Rabaul.

The Coral Sea! That's where
we think they'll strike next.

But something else is stirring,
something out our way.

We need facts, not guesswork.
Matt, we cracked Yamamoto's code,
but we can't just reel it off.

We get a flicker here
and a glimmer there.

How much can you decipher?.
- Hell, 15, maybe...

Really decipher.
- Ten percent.

10 per... That's one word in 10.
For Christ's sake, you're guessing!

We like to call it ""analysis"".
Alright. What are these indications
that something's brewing out our way?.

There's no hard clues yet.
- What do you have, Joe?.

Increased radio traffic between
Yamamoto's commanders. - That's all?.

Could be significant. At least
I feel that something's stirring.

I'll take that list of Jap ships
you ""feel"" are headed for Coral Sea.

Nimitz may send Fletcher's task force
to see what's going on.

We'll see how your 10-percent
guesswork pays off, huh?.

As a back-room code-cracker
I thank you, Matt.

Joe, could I ask you
something very personal?. - Certainly.

It really stinks down here.
How often do your people take a bath?.

Bath?. God, I don't know...
What day is it?.

Forget it, Joe.
Any new Yamamoto intercepts?.
Here's a first mention of ""A-F"",
whatever that means.