The fake Japanese messages.
- These could be carbon copies.

Washington's sure Yamamoto's
feeding you this to hide his plans.

Very definitely possible.
Well, then how can you insist...
- Because I believe it's factual.

I'm convinced
Yamamoto's target is Midway.

But if you're wrong, Admiral,
if you send our carriers
into a Japanese ambush,

the entire West Coast and Hawaii
will be open for invasion.

Fully aware of that, Captain.
You mean, the safe play
is to defend the home folks first?.

With respects, Admiral,
it's the smart play.

Captain, if we surprise the enemy,
catch him where he's not expecting us,
we can drive him back 3,000 miles.
And keep him pinned till we can
take him on in his own front yard.

My instructions were
to convey Washington's deep concern

over the safety
of the West Coast and Hawaii.

Is Washington ordering me
to defend Hawaii or the West Coast?.

No, Sir.
My orders were simply to consult.
No, Sir,
I have no such orders for you.

Commander Blake, send the fleet to
repel invasion. Target: Midway lsland.

Issue the order immediately.
- Aye-aye, Sir.

Admiral, may I see you a moment?.
- Excuse me, Captain.

Damn. You know how
Bill Halsey hates hospitals.

Maybe it's nothing serious.
- To get him anywhere near a hospital

it must be not only damn serious,
it must be critical.

Admiral, I have some really bad news.
- Today's the day for it.