My instructions were
to convey Washington's deep concern

over the safety
of the West Coast and Hawaii.

Is Washington ordering me
to defend Hawaii or the West Coast?.

No, Sir.
My orders were simply to consult.
No, Sir,
I have no such orders for you.

Commander Blake, send the fleet to
repel invasion. Target: Midway lsland.

Issue the order immediately.
- Aye-aye, Sir.

Admiral, may I see you a moment?.
- Excuse me, Captain.

Damn. You know how
Bill Halsey hates hospitals.

Maybe it's nothing serious.
- To get him anywhere near a hospital

it must be not only damn serious,
it must be critical.

Admiral, I have some really bad news.
- Today's the day for it.

The Japanese changed the J-N 25 code,
the one they used for Yamamoto's plan.

How long do you need for the new code?.
- A month, maybe two.

Sir, do you still
want that fleet order issued?.

Yes. Target: Midway.
Welcome aboard your flagship, Admiral.
Thank you, Captain.
Rear Admiral Kusaka,
my Chief of Staff. Captain Aoki.

Where's Commander Genda?.
He's in sick bay, Admiral. Influenza.