The Japanese changed the J-N 25 code,
the one they used for Yamamoto's plan.

How long do you need for the new code?.
- A month, maybe two.

Sir, do you still
want that fleet order issued?.

Yes. Target: Midway.
Welcome aboard your flagship, Admiral.
Thank you, Captain.
Rear Admiral Kusaka,
my Chief of Staff. Captain Aoki.

Where's Commander Genda?.
He's in sick bay, Admiral. Influenza.
When does the doctor think
he can resume his duties?.

In 2 or 3 days.
I don't like beginning this operation
without my best air commander.

We have another sick bay casualty:
Commander Fuchida has appendicitis.

Fuchida too?.
We'll need a replacement.
Genda suggests
a veteran torpedo pilot:

Lieutenant Tomonaga.
If Genda says so,
I want to see Tomonaga right away.

Yes, Sir.
Fuchida, the man who led
my first strike on Pearl Harbor, out.

Genda, who planned it, both ill.
Very bad luck, Sir, very bad luck.
Only an inconvenience, Sir.
We'll manage.