When they get the nerve to come near.
- I know I'm a bad patient.

But a skin disease! Of all the stupid,
useless things to get laid up with!

It's driving me nuts. I can't even
think! - We don't have much time.

Fletcher's docking the Yorktown now,
and I've got hard decisions to make.

Recommend your replacement.
- Ray Spruance.

I know he's junior
to a lot of other flag officers,

and never served a day on a carrier.
But Chet, he knows carrier tactics.

Well, you asked for my recommendation.
I can just picture
Washington's reaction

if I hand over the Hornet and
the Enterprise to a cruiser skipper.

Especially with the static I'm getting
for expecting the Japanese at Midway.

You told me once, Chet:
""When you're in command, command.""

Admiral Fletcher, Sir.
- Good morning, Sir.

Welcome home, Jack. Congratulations
on bringing your cripple in.

Well, we got lucky. - We haven't got
much time, so I'll make this fast.

Halsey's beached, in the hospital.
Won't be leaving for a while.

I'm sending you out again, Jack,
in 72 hours. In full combat readiness.

That's impossible! It'll be 3 months
before the Yorktown's in commission.

Spruance has replaced Halsey. He takes
Hornet and Enterprise to sea tomorrow.

You follow him 48 hours later.
Spruance is a cruiser commander!
- He knows carrier tactics.

Yeah, but he can't fly.
- Neither can you.

And he sure as hell
can't learn it by tomorrow, can he?.

Congratulations, Ray.
- Well, I'm still in a state of shock.

Nice seeing you again, Matt.
How's the hand?. - Coming fine, Sir.